Wildlife drawings to collect

Wherever one goes, the wild world offers fascination and wonderful creatures which are perfectly adapted to living in it.


As a wandering bush journalist and artist, Anne Wilkinson often contributed a wildlife column, Wildwatch, to the publication employing her, illustrating it with pen and Indian ink drawings. Some of the drawings have been lost in floods and cyclones, but enough remain to be included in this website and, of course, Anne is producing more drawings as the wildlife around her catches her eye.


Originally designed as reference material, these Indian ink drawings make beautiful artworks in their own right. Some of the subjects are well known, others are rare, but all provide glimpses into the wild bush that is their home.


Printed on quality paper, prints measure up to 20 x 25cm.


Price per print: $20.00
5 Prints: $90.00


If mounted, add $10 per print


Prints to choose from

Wildwatch series (un-mounted)
33. Glossy black cockatoo

1. Glossy Ibis
2. Great Crested Grebe
3. Silver Gulls
4. White-Browed Scrub Wren
5. Sun Skink
6. Singing Honeyeater
7. Blue-faced Honeyeater
8. Turquoise Parrot
9. Sharp-tailed Sandpiper
10. Painted Honeyeater
11. Apostle Bird
12. Plum-headed Finch
13. Pied Stilt
14. House Sparrow
15. Hoary-headed Grebe
16. Little Friar Bird
17. Masked Plover
18. Freckled Duck
19. Striated Grass Wren
20. Beaked Coral-fish
21. Fungi
22. New Holland Mouse
23. Red Wattle Bird
24. Painted Button Quail
25. Quarrion
26. Snake-Necked Turtle
27. Speckled Warbler
28. Hastings River Mouse
29. Bar-Shouldered Dove
30. Eastern Pigmy Possum
31. Superb Blue Wren
32. Coot