Each of Hugh J. Martin’s steel and aluminium artworks is individually crafted.


Designed to last and finished with special weather-resistant paints, display them indoors or out to add individuality, elegance and fun.


Each work is signed by the artist and the larger works are engraved.


Commissions are welcomed.



Ant raiders

These are the wild originals. The ant raiders began Hugh J. Martin’s adventure into the complex other-world of insects. They have featured in many exhibitions. Sizes range from the tiny worker ants (15cm x 11cm, exclusive of feelers) to the large queen (50cm x 23cm, exclusive of feelers).


Prices for black ants:


1: Mini worker $15
2: Worker $17
3: Large worker $19
4: Drone $25
5: Guard $30
6: Queen $50


Please enquire for prices for coloured ants.



'Who goes there?'
'Green Tree Ants'
Ant Raiders Series


Beautiful butterflies

These butterflies adorn buildings as well as the wild. These and their caterpillars, also made by Hugh J. Martin, were commissioned to decorate the outside of Perc Tucker Regional Gallery in Townsville during a special exhibition.


Butterflies are made in different sizes and colours.


Prices from $120


Enquire now to purchase



Dragonfly spirit

So beautiful, these glistening sculptures in many different colours have wings patterned like gossamer, emulating the wild dragonflies upon which they are based.


Small dragonfly - size approx. 40x67x40cms:

$95 Plus Packing & Postage

Large dragonfly - size approx. 80x160x62cms:

$190 Plus Packing & Postage
'Where shall I fly next'
'Catching the breeze'
'Family outing'


Mantis rhapsody

Praying mantis are the most recent addition to Hugh J. Martin’s insect family and decorated the Townsville jetty as part of Townsville’s 2015 Strand Ephemera exhibition. Their “eyes” reflect light in the dark, emphasising this predatory insect’s attitudes of watchfulness.


Sizes vary and every mantis is different. Please note sizes are approximate as they depend on the mantis’s attitude.


Mini mantis - size approx. 39 x 18 x 35cm:

$95 Plus packing & postage

Medium mantis - size approx. 50 x 33 x 60cm:

$150 Plus packing & postage

Large mantis - size approx. 86 x 40 x 62cm:

$150 Plus packing & postage


'Let's Dance'
Mantis rhapsody series